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January 2020

Organisations on Twitter – Why Utility is Everything

As marketers we all know the value of Twitter. Yet, so many of us are using organisational accounts with the same approach we take to our personal ones. Typically this involves us sharing news, updates and perhaps the odd image showcasing what we, or the organisation we’re associated with, is up to.

So, why doesn’t this approach work at an organisational level?

Quite simply (and this is a generalisation), organisations are not as interesting to people as…people! When connecting with friends, family or influencers on Twitter, we’re happier to sift through a disjointed, mixed narrative. When engaging with brands on Twitter, we have much less of an appetite and our attention wanes quickly.

And so interaction rates on organisational accounts are often poor, even when concerted effort has been made to regularly post material. The question is, how could an organisational account be positioned differently?

Well, one idea is to consider your Twitter account as a tool with a function. No longer to be simply treated as a ‘dumping ground’ for content, the account could be viewed as having a singular, focused purpose. In this way, there is an opportunity for the account to become recognised for its usefulness and for the entity behind its administration to benefit by association.

To give you an example, we’re going to take a look at our own Twitter presence. First off, we have our organisational account @talkwithgusto

As you can see everything is pretty standard here. We’ve introduced what we do and if you take a look at our Tweets, we cover just about anything and everything that’s relevant to either us or the property & construction industry.

Now we can show you a more active Twitter account we manage, @DevonWellnessHr. This account has been setup to provide our audience (any Wellness based organisation in the region) with a useful marketing tool.

It is Fellow’s association with #DevonWellnessHour that is important here. As we’re able to offer our audience something that is genuinely useful and valuable, it is much more likely that our efforts on Twitter will be rewarded with greater exposure. This will in turn allow us to develop a pipeline of new contacts, conversations and potential clients.

So, if you’re looking at how to level up audience engagement on Twitter, a good question to ask is; ‘What single post type could we share that provides our target audience with clarity around our purpose and genuine value on Twitter?’.

It is clear that our attention spans are deteriorating and as marketers, we have a fraction of time to convince a potential follower of the value of engaging with us. It is the simplicity and clarity of the accounts purpose, that is absolutely crucial to winning the attention of your audience on Twitter.

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