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Attracting 1500 Leads Worth £1.9million Inside 6 Months

With an online course and PPC campaign


Parker Bell create PAT testing equipment and provide training. The team got in touch with us to explore how they might connect with more potential customers. Parker Bell send out a training video with all of their PAT testing kits.

We took the video, chopped it up in to training modules and turned it into the first free online PAT Testing course. Promoted across their existing network, social media and Adwords the course received over 1500 signups within the first 6 months.

The course paid for itself inside this period, with nearly a third of those finishing the course choosing to purchase a certificate, further training or PAT testing equipment. It continues to be a valuable marketing tool for the business with organic traffic increasing and courses signups averaging about 10 per day.


Having attracted over 1,500 course participants in 6 months, we’re able to calculate a value of leads as the following:

Participants: 1,588
Certificate of competence: £20
Average value of PAT Testing kit: £274
Value of ongoing kit calibrations over 10 years: £1000

Total lead value: £1,294

1,588  x £1,294  = £1,941,000


Parker Bell make PAT Testing equipment and provide associated training. PAT Testing equipment lasts a long time and although the business was doing a great job of looking after their existing customers they wanted to see growth through acquiring new ones.

Having tried digital marketing focussed around content and Adwords before, but without sufficient impact, the team were keen to explore different options.


Having spent time with the team at Parker Bell, understanding the product, and customer profile we explored different opportunities for developing their digital marketing offering.

The team were wary of paid advertising having invested significantly before and seen little return. Rather than trying to sell PAT testing kits directly we worked to develop the first freely available online PAT Testing course, with a view that we could use it as a means to attract on profile customers for longer term marketing efforts.

We aimed to cover the cost of the initial investment and advertising spend through offering a certificate of competence upon completion of the course with a view that additional purchases of the PAT testing equipment and onsite training would also follow, which they did.

We kept the website clean and simple, with a single call to action and integrated the site with an Email Marketing System to handle ongoing marketing communications. The site was promoted through their existing network, social media and Google Adwords.


The project more than paid for itself inside 6 months, with the site receiving 1500 signups in that time.

The Adwords campaign outperformed any campaign that the company had previously run in it’s 20 year history and nearly a third of those completing the course went on to buy either a course certificate, PAT Testing kit or further training.

Having run an Adwords campaign for an initial six month period, we then observed the rise of organic search. As you can see from the graph below, organic search is steadily increasing as the site’s backlinking profile and CTR develop.
The course continues to provide Parker Bell with marketing leads, averaging 10 new signups every day. These leads are added to an email autoresponder series, designed to encourage purchases of course certificates, PAT Testing equipment and associated services.

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