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How We Generated 100 New b2b Leads Within 1 Month of Launch

With an online course and outreach campaign


Back To Earth are a leading authority on sustainable building materials, a reputation that they have built over the last 25 years. The team were looking to build new relationships with media partners and to find potential clients.

Ahead of launching the full course we created a pre-launch sign-up which gained promotion in a number of industry related publications and resulted in over 60 architect practices, design firms and sustainability consultancies signing up, all of which are on-profile customers for Back To Earth.


Back To Earth are an industry authority on sustainable building. They were looking to grow their audience (architects, design consultants, sustainable building firms and self builders) whilst at the same time reducing the time they spent on giving out free advice over the phone.


Having researched a number of different options, we settled on a Wood Fibre Insulation course, a subject for which there is a significant amount of search traffic and industry buzz, as well as being at the core of the Back To Earth offering. While the team at Back To Earth set about collating their knowledge for the course, we created a landing page and conducted a couple of days outreach to industry press and media.

Having secured support from the press and almost 100 pre-signups within a fortnight of the landing page going live we set about working with Back To Earth to build the 13 module course and knowledge test. We like to keep things simple, focussing on the two key outcomes of giving all visitors access to valuable information in return for the opportunity to engage with them further on down the line. The site is integrated with an Email Marketing System that runs an series of automated emails upon both signup of the course and submission of the knowledge test.


Within a month of the site going live, the course has been featured in industry press, had over 50 architect practices, design firms and sustainable building consultancies sign up, with a number planning to include the course in their employee development programme. Time spent on support calls is already significantly down and the project has already paid for itself through revenue generated on the supply side of the business.

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